Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our 5 star workshop:

 ‘a fresh approach to weight loss’

‘I have a tool box to take away with me’

‘I noticed a huge difference in my thinking even after one week’

‘I wouldn’t change a thing about the workshop’

 ‘excellent content’

‘Elsa & Fiona are an amazing combination’

‘Love the combination of nutrition & psychology behind eating behaviour’

‘comprehensive, well delivered, empowering workshop’

‘very compassionate, likeable and approachable presenters’

‘would absolutely recommend to a friend, without hesitation’

‘really got me thinking why I make certain choices around food’

‘highly informative’

‘Brilliant workshop, it was so helpful & I thoroughly enjoyed it’

‘Exceeded my expectations, love your ‘double act’

‘I have a much healthier relationship with food now’

‘Simple & effective program’

‘The program was very interesting, easy to understand & non-threatening’

‘Learning self-compassion, self-acceptance & to be kind to myself was key’

Some Comments:

Comments made by participants during our feedback session:

  • ‘something just clicked with me’
  • ‘it made healthy eating feel effortless’
  • ‘I found the workshop so motivating it really opened my eyes to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle’
  • ‘Listening to the hypnotherapy mp3’s at night really helped me’
  • ‘I’m eating more mindfully now’
  • ‘I don’t feel deprived saying no to unhealthy foods anymore, I realise I’m saying yes to something better.’
  • I loved the practical & simple healthy eating guidelines, very simple to maintain
  • ‘I learned how to think more positively about myself’
  • ‘the power of small changes was really brought home to me’
  • ‘my cravings reduced significantly’
  • ‘the tools I learned helped my feel calm & in control’
  • ‘I now know that ‘treat’ foods don’t actually reward me the way I thought they did, making healthy choices and feeling good in myself is the real reward.’
  • ‘I have much more awareness of my thoughts and how to reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones’
  • ‘I’m learning how to be kind to myself’
  • ‘I get it now, self-love is self-care’
  • ‘the workshop helped me understand the importance of planning ahead for healthy eating’
  • ‘I now know that food only give me temporary pleasure, not true happiness’
  • ‘I’m so much more aware of how/when I emotional eat’