Are You an Emotional Eater?

P resented by Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones & Clinical Hypnotherapist Fiona Brennan, ‘Love Yourself Well’ is a unique mind body weight management program that deals with both the physical and psychological components of weight management, providing you with tools that will lead to lasting weight loss success.

Read the Irish Times Magazine's article on comfort eating and how the Love Yourself Well workshops can help break this addictive cycle.

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At Love Yourself Well, we invite you to attend a one day masterclass workshop where you will be given a set of uniquely effective tools help you manage your weight & health for life. You will then have the option to become a Love Yourself Well member where you will have access to a private online support group and have monthly live webinar sessions with Fiona & Elsa (inc. Q&A) to help you stay on track & reach your health goals.

What makes Love Yourself Well different?

At Love Yourself Well our belief is that self-love leads to self-care. When you truly care about yourself you will find it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices and maintain your ideal weight. Many people think they will be happy WHEN they lose weight. At Love Yourself Well, we believe that once you feel happy in yourself, weight loss will follow naturally. Essentially, the goal is to accept yourself as you are right now with kindness & compassion whilst still working towards your health goals.

Areas covered on the one day workshop & online program include:

• Why is Loving Yourself Important for Weight Loss?

• The importance of self love & self care

• How to Overcome Emotional Eating & beat cravings

• Ditch the diet mind-set & develop healthy eating habits for life

• Healthy Eating Guidelines to help you manage your weight, energy & overall health

• Nutritious Meal ideas that are tasty & easy to make

• Experience powerful hypnotherapy sessions that help you program your subconscious to let go of emotional eating.

• Discover What Truly Motivates You & how to maintain motivation

• The Reward of Self-Compassion -No More Guilt!

• The Courage to Sit with Emotions-Rather Than Escape them with Food

• Overcome negative thought patterns which sabotage weight loss

• Stay on Track, enjoy socialising, holidays etc. without feeling deprived!

• Reaching & Maintaining Your Positive Potential - The healthy & happy you in 3 Months, 6 Months and One Year From Now

A Dynamic Duo

The collaboration of two of Ireland's leading weight experts, Elsa Jones, Nutritional Therapist and Fiona Brennan, Clinical Hypnotherapist both from very different and yet connected disciplines makes this an entirely unique and ground breaking approach that really works. EJ & FB are pioneers in their commitment to creating a weight management program that deals with emotional eating and helps you to understand the reasons behind why you have developed an unhealthy relationship with food as well as providing you with a healthy eating plan that works.


Elsa Jones

Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT CNM, m.NTOI)

Elsa Jones is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT CNM, m.NTOI) and author of the bestselling book ‘Goodbye Sugar’. She works as a nutrition consultant in a clinic in Dublin where she tailor makes nutrition plans for clients based on their health needs and goals. She also provides online nutrition & weight loss programs. Elsa combines her qualifications in both nutrition and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help clients break unhealthy eating patterns and reach their health goals. Elsa is a leading spokesperson on nutrition in the Irish media. Most recently she featured as a nutrition expert on RTE’s health documentaries ‘Sugar Crash’, ‘Nine Stone Lighter’ & ‘What Women Want’. She also presented the popular TV3 series ‘How Healthy Are You?’ in 2010 &

Fiona Brennan

Clinical Hypnotherapist (DypHYP & NLP Practitioner)

Fiona Brennan is a nationally acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist (DypHYP & NLP Practitioner) and creator of the five-star online anxiety & stress management therapy program ‘The Positive Habit’ has helped thousands of men and women to change their relationship with food and to sustain a healthy weight. Fiona programs her client's subconscious minds to let go of comfort eating and find healthy alternatives to deal with emotions. Fiona is also a regular contributor to the media on anxiety and stress. Full details can be found on The Positive Habit

Individually Fiona & Elsa have successfully helped thousands of clients reach their health goals with tried and tested techniques. Now, through Love Yourself Well, they have combined the best of both of their knowledge & skill sets to bring you a truly unique opportunity to really shift your mind set to lose weight & keep it off.


  • ‘I’m learning how to be kind to myself’
  • ‘it’s made healthy eating feel effortless’
  • ‘my cravings reduced significantly’
  • ‘something just clicked with me’